We are delivering genuine items only

Fake swiftlets nests have been circulating in the market. So it is our duty to bring forward genuine products.

We went deep inside the caves ourselves, risking our lives to scale the walls to bring you genuine goods which we have seen with our own eyes and touch with our own hands.

In order to preserve the ecosystem and nature, we only harvest nests which have finished serving its purpose. We want to bring happiness as much as possible to the swiftlets.

Research and Product Development

稲富 幹也(Mikiya Inatomi)

M-Style Japan Co. Ltd.

  • Representative and Director
  • Swiftlets Nest Hunter

Company Profile

Store Name Bi-SU
Company Name M-Style Japan Co. Ltd.
President and CEO Mikiya Inatomi
toll free number 0120-128-213company.teltext
toll free number 0120-128-213company.teltext3
Email Address [email protected]

Postal Code: 810-0041

1-14-45 Qiz TENJIN 7F, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. Fukuoka Prefecture

Telephone Number +81-(0)92-406-4564
Fax Number +81-(0)92-406-4565
Business Contents

Manufacturing and sale of health foods and beauty cosmetics made from 100% natural swiftlets nest. Also receiving mail orders through internet catalogue.

Development and marketing of new products using natural swiftlets nest as raw materials

Our Company Brand 美巣(BI-SU) ミラネスト(MIRANEST)
Distributor Isetan Shinjuku Flagship Store
Main Business Deals Ginza Furuta & Lexus Kurume
  • 麻布 淺井ロゴ
  • 銀座 フルタ(Furuta)ロゴ
  • レクサス久留米店ロゴ