Research on the ability that swiftlets nests possess

Research and Development

At Bi-Su's research lab, we study the potential swiftlets nest possesses very thoroughly. Aside from the development of safe and secure health foods and costmetic produts from the reasearch capability of Bi-Su, we are exploring in new scientific fields in order to produce an abundance of health and beauty. We will continue to make innovative value by combining the goodness the swiftlets nest have brought since ancient times with new technology.

Bi-Su research lab has succeeded in scientifically analyzing the components of beautiful skin, the sialic acid, which is contained in the natural swiftlets nest, and also the component of health. From this discovery we have applied it to all of our products.

Essence of beauty that gives support to personal care

The component of swiftlets nest

Sugar chain nutrients
Out of the 8 nutrients that makes up the sugar chain which is said to have an important role in maintaing health, 6 of the sugar chains are contained in the swiftlets nest
Sialic Acid
It is one of the nutrients of the sugar chains which is a component for health and also beauty
It is also called as Epidermal Growth Factor which regulates skin turnover and promotes regeneration of new skin cells. A synergetic effect is observed when paired together with FGF.



"Nourishing beauty, Bi-Su"

Have you ever seen 100% natural swiftlets nest before?

In almost all of the markets in the world, fake swiftlets nest has been in circulation. However, there is no way to prove that which nest is genuine.

For Bi-Su, our director himself went over to Malaysia, see with his own eyes and touch with his own hands, and only harvest natural swiftlets nest which is judged to be of high quality.

By using Japan's highest technology, the components of the nests are extracted without causing damage.

So you can consume the products without any worries


The swiftlets nest jelly is the world's first nutritional supplement for pets

Even top leaders acknowledge the power of the swiftlets nest for your beloved partner

Miranest luxuriously uses swiftlets nest which have been harvested in the mountainous regions of Malaysia with high worth value. The jelly is a nutrional supplement for pets to keep them healthy and in high spirits.

The swiftlets nest jelly is the world's first nutritional supplement for pets | Miranest

Production Base for Bi-Su 16

High quality swiftlets nest produced by Malaysia

Bi-Su 16

Even though the swiftlets nest is mainly harvested in Southeast Asian countries, we are proud to say that the swiftlets nest used for Bi-Su is the most premium, top class quality among all others.

Manufacturing at the factory is certified by the Malaysian government

Strict safety control

Feathers and small impurities are normally mixed in together with the natural swiftlets nest. However, we will carefully remove them one by one manually with hands. As we take into consideration of customer's concern, we are constantly careful of not missing even a speck of dust. Our employees also are keeping in mind of this procedure. It is a very detailed work, but we are strictly controlling the safety and the quality with human skills

Aims for peace of mind and safety

Numerous times we have been to Malaysia in order to convey our passionate feelings to the locals for them to understand and also have obtained cooperation from the limited number of top class factories to succesfully create the Bi-Su brand. We believe that the bonds between people will be able to produce safe and secure products

Things that Mr Mikiya Inatomi is really particular about

Location, materials, and taste, all of these are selected by our director himself to produce high quality swiftlets nest in high quality factory. To all of our customers who wishes for beauty and health, we conduct strict checking and promise to deliver only genuine items. Some customers may also have the thought that the product is not safe because it is from overseas, or doubt about its safety. It is said that importing goods to Japan is even considered strict on global level, and in order to sell products manufactured abroad in Japan many standards have to be fulfilled

It is because of the involvement of manual work by hand that we are able to further improve quality

Because there is manual work there are things that is able to be conveyed

To carefully remove impurities attached to natural swiftlets nest one by one by hand, magnifying glass and tweezers are used. The items are also closely inspected with human eyes. We also pay close attention to clothing and also equipments in the factory as a thorough hygiene control

Regulations for manufacturing and quality control

For the high quality production of swiftlets nest in safe, secure condition, we have acquired GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) not only in Malaysia, but also in Japan

GMP (Regulations for manufacturing and quality control)

GMP is a manufacturing quality control standard that take into factors of management during manufacturing and other observed matters in order to supply foods, medicines, cosmetics and such which the US Food and Drug Administration deemed to be safe for use

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

HACCP is a food hygiene control system that determines HA (Hazard Analysis) for each process from production of raw food materials, processing, distribution, and consumption to determine the CCP (Critical Control Point) and prevent any harm

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

ISO is an internationally recognized standard worldwide, which have established an organizational policy as to what kind of quality and service a company should provide to customers. It is a quality management system that continuously improves in order to provide what customers expect.