Company Profile

Store Name Bi-SU
Company Name M-Style Japan Co. Ltd.
toll free number 0120-128-213
toll free number 0120-005-213
Email Address [email protected]

Postal Code: 810-0021

1-20-2 TENJIN MENT 9F, Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. Fukuoka Prefecture

Telephone Number 092-406-4564
Fax Number 092-406-4565
Business Contents
  • Manufacturing and sale of health foods and beauty cosmetics made from 100% natural swiftlets nest. Also receiving mail orders through internet catalogue.
  • Development and marketing of new products using natural swiftlets nest as raw materials
Our Company Brand 美巣(BI-SU) ミラネスト(MIRANEST)
Main Business Deals Ginza Furuta & Lexus Kurume
  • 麻布 淺井ロゴ
  • 銀座 フルタ(Furuta)ロゴ
  • レクサス久留米店ロゴ