Beauty Supplement & Drink made of Edible Natural Swiftlet Nest


Bi-Su Health & Beauty Foods

The power to support a strong and beautiful life force is living in "Natural Swiftlet Nest" which has been loved by women for a long time. It contains the spotlight element of Sialic Acid that charges sugar chain nutrition. A super food that is the grace of nature in "Natural Swiftlet Nest", for your home too.

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Bi-Su Health & Beauty Cosmetics

"Natural Swiftlet Nest" hidden with mysterious power of beauty. Blended full of beauty ingredients. It will lead you to moisture and resilient, every day feeling dignified. For the age-old skin care, and of course for the special care on your important days.

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The earth borne beautiful nest like a miracle, rare ingredients

Inside Natural Swiftlet Nest, there are plenty of ingredients that have a positive influence on health and beauty more than any ingredients that exist in the nature. For example, the content of Sialic Acid is 200 times that of Royal Jelly. This miraculous ingredients still exist in this world.


To harvest the natural nest, is the reason to protect it

For Bi-Su, the nest harvesting only done once the swiftlet chicks have finished their nesting. The ecological nature of swiftlets and the attitude to protect it lead to enjoying the nature's grace forever.