Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This site takes privacy protection very seriously. The following privacy policy is as follows

The scope which the concept of privacy is applied
The privacy policy applies to customers who are using this website. In addition, when using the service of this website, your personal information is gathered and will be managed accordingly. This does not apply to individuals or entities that is not directly related to this site
Collection and use of information

When using this site, we may require your personal information such as name and email address. We may also require personal information when using the service provided on this site. Personal information requested on this site will be limited depending on the type of usage and services used. In such cases, we require more detailed information

On this site, we will be using collected information for the following three purposes

  • To customize the content you view on this page more easily,
  • To further enhance the product service on this site
  • In order to inform customers of information such as new services and new products
Information sharing and disclosure
We do not disclose or sell personal information to third parties. However, personal information may be disclosed only in the following cases
  • When customer gave permission about information disclosure and sharing
  • When receiving an official inquiry required by law from a public institution such as court or police
  • When site usage by customers are against the terms of usage and it is deemed necessary to protect the company's rights, property, services, and such
About security
User's registration information is password-protected for user's privacy protection and security. In addition, this site implements SSL encrypted communication on personal information input page in order to protect the privacy of customers. To use SSL encrypted pages (pages with URL beginning with "https://"), please adjust the browser settings accordingly. Please note that browser setting may differ depending on browser in use
About revision of privacy policy
In the future, we may revise part or all of the privacy policy