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In order for customers to use our products with a peace of mind, we have set up a full refund service

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About full refund service

Full refund service is only entitled 45 days after the arrival of goods

We also accept reasons such as "the product is not suitable for my body" or even "I only wanted to try a little bit"


Subject of shipping goods

All Bi-Su products are entitled

  • When multiple items are returned at the same time, only one item will be charged
  • Delivery will take 45 days

You are able to use these services even if the products have been opened or been used only a little

Before replacement is made

When returning items, please call the customer's toll-free number 0120-005-213 as written in the catalogue that came together with the product

*Please note that returned items may not be accepted if there is no notice from the customers

*We will not accept return applications from inquiry forms

Subject of full refund

We will only be making refunds to customers who have returned the products

  • Only applicable for the intitial purchase of each product
  • Refunds will be made after the returned goods are confirmed
Fees for returning products

Shipping fee will be paid by the customer

For items returned by COD, we will return the product as it is

Refund method

We will refund the amount in your bank account after the returned goods have been confirmed

  • Please fill in the details of the account number in the blank space on the invoice and send it back together with the product
  • Please specify bank name, branch, account number, and account holder name
Returning address

The returning address is as follows. When returning products, please call the cusstomer's toll-free number at 0120-005-213 as stated in the catalogue which came together with the product

Company Name M-Style Japan Co. Ltd.
Address faq.6.dd.td2
Telephone Customers who wish to return goods, please call the number 0120-005-213 as written in the catalouge included with the product. We will be refunding the items after we have received the item (operational hours are between 9AM to 8PM)
Items to be included when returning products

Please prepare the following items when returning products

  • We also accept products that have been opened or used slightly
  • Delivery documents
  • Items that came together with the products such as newsletter or catalogue
About the receipt

Please return the receipt along with the product

*If there are some items that have a difference in pricing, please attach the receipt together when returning the products